Jeunesse opened their doors September 9 2009 at 9 PM

The company started with 5 very talented entrepreneurs from Asia. These five Asian business entrepreneurs spoke to a few people here in the United States and then left the USA and went and developed 110 countries over the course of five years with 40+ offices on the ground to support these countries. We have 45 […]

Jeunesse Announces New Product Launch: Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse launched their newest product on Friday, November 7, after acquiring the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to Instantly Ageless™. After a live demo that amazed the audience and demonstrated the instant results that this new product offers, the launch was a huge success. This product is predicted to have a monumental impact on the US […]

Jeunesse Global Review

Jeunesse Global, a privately-owned company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, markets anti-aging skincare and nutritional products. Jeunesse products include two anti-aging skincare treatments — Luminesce™ cellular rejuvenation serum and Luminesce™ daily moisturizing complex — and Réserve™ anti-oxidant fruit gel packets, a nutritional supplement which Jeunesse describes as “a botanical blend of essential antioxidants with restorative […]